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Oregon Paving Co. is proud to be a household name in the Wilsonville area. Backed by over three decades of experience, our Wilsonville asphalt company guarantees expert solutions to your paving needs. Our locally run and locally owned company holds full insurance, bonding, and licensing, giving our customers complete confidence in our reputable business. Our experienced, reliable, and dedicated team has firsthand knowledge of the critical importance of parking lots and driveways. It might be an initial impression for your customers or integral to your home’s exterior appeal, and deteriorated paving can lead to safety concerns. Our emphasis is on the intricate nuances that are commonly neglected, ensuring a distinctive end result. Whether it’s new installations, grading, sealcoating, resurfacing, excavation, milling, repairs, or drainage improvements, we’re the experts your project demands. Get in touch now and let us know how we can rejuvenate your residential, industrial, or commercial property!

Your Trusted Paving Service in Wilsonville

Oregon Paving Co. acknowledges the significance of maintaining every paved surface on your property – particularly if you have a high-traffic area to take care of. Many people don’t realize that properly installed and cared-for asphalt can have a lifespan of 20 years or more. Our broad range of services is designed to improve your pavement’s functionality and longevity, including industrial zones, commercial properties, residential areas, parking lots, and beyond. We serve clients of all kinds, including car dealerships, shopping centers, churches, restaurants, homeowners associations, and so much more. Our customers tend to ask similar questions about the lifespan and durability of asphalt, the scope of our services, and the best practices for maintaining newly paved surfaces. We’ve put together an informative guide to answer these questions (and more!) below.

What asphalt paving services do you offer?

When issues like cracks, potholes, or drainage concerns arise with your paved surfaces, don’t hesitate to contact our local asphalt company. These issues extend beyond surface imperfections and may lead to severe damage if not promptly addressed by professionals. At Oregon Paving Co., we specialize in comprehensive asphalt paving services to tackle any problem your pavement might encounter. Whether it’s fixing cracks and potholes or improving drainage and laying down fresh asphalt, we have the skills and tools to keep your property well-maintained. Because our cost-effective and dependable services are sure to meet your exact needs, you can be certain we’re the best choice for your next paving project.

Roads and Highways

Picking the right asphalt contractor is paramount to the lasting success and resilience of your road project. At our paving company, we emphasize the use of superior materials, skilled professionals, and meticulous attention to detail to achieve long-lasting durability and safety. Our history of successful road paving projects speaks for itself, making us the go-to option for lasting and outstanding outcomes.


Achieve a cost-effective transformation and enhance curb appeal significantly by adding a professionally paved asphalt driveway to your property. Discover our full spectrum of driveway paving offerings, which include resurfacing, sealcoating, and advanced drainage solutions. A properly maintained driveway can also expedite the selling process of your home now or in the future.

Schools and Universities

Tailoring our pavement services ensures that universities and schools receive solutions that perfectly fit their specific needs. Balancing aesthetics and durability is crucial, yet safety always takes precedence in these particular settings. Our asphalt company diligently maintains the campus to ensure it remains inviting and well-kept for the benefit of every student, faculty member, and visitor.

Bike Paths

Safety, durability, and environmental sustainability are our top priorities when it comes to bike path paving. Our asphalt service crew comprehends the unique needs of bike paths, focusing on clear markings, efficient drainage systems, and delivering a consistently smooth surface. Leveraging our dedication to top-notch quality and decades of experience, we promise cyclists a safe and enjoyable path that they can enjoy for many years to come.


Building a children’s playground demands a durable, seamless surface to promote safety and longevity. Utilizing eco-friendly materials, our swift installation process minimizes disruption while promoting durability and reducing stormwater runoff. Our asphalt paving solutions offer enduring value for your property while championing environmental sustainability.

Industrial Projects

Leveraging 30+ years of industry knowledge, we assure you that your industrial paving job will be in the most skilled and experienced hands. Catering to a broad spectrum of needs, our paving service ranges from quick fixes to complex installations to provide the most comprehensive solutions. Our crew excels in creating sturdy surfaces capable of handling heavy demand, whether that entails a busy roadway or a warehouse parking lot. Oregon Paving Co. delivers seamless results for your industrial paving needs.

Parking Lots

When it comes to parking lot paving services, our Wilsonville paving business is second to none. Quality, effectiveness, and exceeding customer expectations are our core principles throughout every job. Our precise execution, advanced strategies, premium materials, and skilled crew promise a parking lot that is not only functional and attractive, but also makes a positive first impression on customers and goes beyond your every expectation.

Airport Runways

Durability and precision are of utmost importance in airport runway paving projects. Our team is well-versed in the stringent specifications and safety protocols essential for these projects. Employing advanced machinery and knowledgeable professionals, your paving contractor delivers a precisely lined, skid-resistant surface capable of enduring consistent aircraft traffic. Look no further for a top-notch, long-lasting airport runway that adheres to all aviation regulations!

What is sealcoating, what does it do, and how often should it be done?

The application of sealcoating is crucial for maintaining and protecting asphalt surfaces. It forms a protective shield that guards against UV rays, moisture, and chemicals, effectively increasing the longevity of your pavement. Sealcoating is especially vital in Oregon’s climate because we experience freeze-thaw cycles regularly. This method serves to prevent damage, like cracks and potholes, which can lead to costly repairs. Sealcoating frequency is determined by the existing condition of your pavement. Set up an appointment with Oregon Paving Co. for an inspection, during which we will assess your sealcoating requirements and provide a cost estimate at no charge.

What is striping and why is it important?

Maintaining the quality of a parking lot hinges significantly on proper striping. Striping refers to the painted markings that define handicap-accessible parking areas, directional arrows, and individual parking spaces. These markings are essential for upholding safety standards, enhancing accessibility, and leaving a favorable initial impact on guests at your Wilsonville business. Well-maintained parking lots with compliant, prominently displayed striping demonstrate professionalism and customer focus, highlight inclusivity with properly allocated accessible spaces, and experience a lower likelihood of accidents on the property. Our asphalt service in Wilsonville guarantees a visually appealing, accessible, and safe parking lot while reducing legal liabilities associated with poorly-maintained lots.

We also offer:

Liquid Sealer

Top Coat

Asphalt Curbs



Cold Planing

Landscaping Equipment

Crack Filling



Retaining Walls

Latex Water-Based Sealer

Driveway Sealing

Sewer Covers

Hauling Loam

Infrared Patching


Landscaping Materials (Crushed Stone, Mulch, Stone, Sand, Gravel, Etc.)

Tack Coating


Catch Basin Repair

Base Coat

Saw Cutting

Drainage Work

And More!

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