Beaverton Asphalt

Oregon Paving Co. is known as a leading paving company in the Beaverton region. With more than three decades of industry experience under our belts, our Beaverton asphalt company delivers reliable paving services and a wealth of expertise. Our locally run and locally owned company holds full insurance, bonding, and licensing, giving our customers complete confidence in our reputable business. Our professional, dependable, and trustworthy crew knows firsthand just how essential a parking lot or driveway actually is. Not only can worn paving be a safety risk, but these features also play a huge role in enhancing curb appeal or making a positive first impression on customers. We’re known for our attention to detail, which means we don’t skip even one seemingly insignificant step in order to provide you with standout results. Whether you’re looking for milling, resurfacing, excavating, grading, drainage work, a new installation, a repair, or sealcoating, we’re the most qualified choice for the job. Reach out today and share more about how we can breathe new life into your residential, industrial, or commercial property!

Your Trusted Paving Service in Beaverton

Oregon Paving Co. recognizes the importance of upkeep for all paved surfaces on your property – especially when you have high-traffic surfaces. With proper installation and maintenance, asphalt can have a lifespan exceeding 20 years! Our services cater to a diverse range of environments, such as industrial zones, commercial properties, residential areas, parking facilities, and beyond, all aimed at improving your pavement’s functionality and longevity. We serve a broad array of clients, from homeowners associations and retail establishments to restaurants, car dealerships, churches, and beyond. Clients often ask about the durability and longevity of asphalt, the range of services we provide, and the best practices for maintaining freshly paved surfaces. Discover the answers to these questions and more in our guide below.

What is striping and why is it important?

Striping is a fundamental part of maintaining a parking lot. These markings consist of painted lines for parking spots, spaces designated for ADA accessibility, and directional arrows. They are instrumental in guaranteeing safety, facilitating accessibility, and leaving a favorable first impression on customers visiting your local business in Beaverton. Maintaining your parking lot with precise and regulation-adhering striping reduces accidents, showcases inclusivity with clearly marked accessible spots, and presents professionalism and attention to detail to prospective clients. Counting on our asphalt service in Beaverton for your parking lot care guarantees safety, accessibility, and visual appeal while also safeguarding you from possible legal issues.

What asphalt paving services do you offer?

Don’t overlook drainage problems, potholes, or cracks in your pavement – contact our local asphalt company for professional repairs. These issues aren’t just cosmetic – they can lead to extensive damage if they aren’t addressed promptly and professionally. Oregon Paving Co. offers a comprehensive range of asphalt paving service options to address any issue you could possibly have with your pavement. From repairing cracks and potholes to tackling drainage problems and pouring new asphalt surfaces, we’re equipped to maintain your property for the long term. Our affordable and reliable services are designed to meet your exact needs, so you can be certain we are the perfect fit for your next paving project.

Parking Lots

Our Beaverton paving company is your ultimate destination for exceptional parking lot paving services. Our focus lies on delivering quality, efficiency, and ensuring customer satisfaction in all endeavors. Utilizing our exceptional precision, innovative approaches, top-grade materials, and experienced crew, we create a parking lot that is both aesthetically pleasing and robust, makes a remarkable first impression on customers, and exceeds your every expectation.


Enhance your home’s overall appearance affordably and boost curb appeal significantly by opting for a professionally paved asphalt driveway. Explore our comprehensive lineup of driveway paving options, including sealcoating, resurfacing, and efficient drainage options. Your driveway’s good condition doesn’t only benefit your daily life, but also facilitates the eventual sale of your home.

Airport Runways

Our airport runway paving projects prioritize durability and precision above all else. Our team is knowledgeable about the precise specifications and safety regulations necessary for these projects. Employing advanced machinery and knowledgeable professionals, your paving contractor delivers a precisely lined, skid-resistant surface capable of enduring consistent aircraft traffic. Your search for a high-caliber, resilient airport runway that complies with aviation standards ends here!

Industrial Projects

Our 30+ years of experience in the paving industry, we promise that your industrial pavement will be in the very best hands. Focused on customer satisfaction, our paving service encompasses large installs and emergency repairs to ensure that all needs are precisely met. From warehouse lots to bustling roadways, our team delivers durable results that withstand heavy use. Oregon Paving Co. is your dependable choice for all industrial paving requirements.

Roads and Highways

The longevity and effectiveness of your road project hinge on selecting the most suitable asphalt contractor. Premium materials, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional craftsmanship define the safety and durability standards upheld by our paving company. Backed by a track record of success in road paving, we’re the most dependable option when you want a lasting and exceptional outcome.

Bike Paths

Environmental sustainability, durability, and safety are at the forefront of our priorities when paving bike paths. Our asphalt service team is well-acquainted with the unique specifications of bike paths, including the need for clear markings, efficient drainage systems, and a seamlessly smooth surface. With our focus on delivering excellence and our long-standing experience, we ensure cyclists experience a smooth and secure ride that they can repeat time and time again.


Choose our playground surfacing solutions for a durable, smooth surface designed specifically for children’s play areas. Employing swift and efficient methods, we aim to reduce disruptions during pavement installation, while our eco-conscious materials are engineered to curtail stormwater runoff and promote long-lasting results. Our asphalt paving services are designed to boost your property’s value while emphasizing environmental sustainability.

Schools and Universities

Our pavement services are finely tuned to cater to the individual requirements of universities and schools. We acknowledge the critical role that safety, longevity, and visual appeal play on campuses. The focus of our asphalt company is on maintaining the charm and functionality of the campus while enhancing the experience for every visitor, faculty member, and student.

What is sealcoating, what does it do, and how often should it be done?

Sealcoating serves as a key maintenance measure to protect asphalt surfaces from deterioration. It acts as a protective barrier against various elements like UV rays, moisture, and chemicals and prolongs the life of your pavement. In Oregon’s climate, where freeze-thaw cycles are common, sealcoating plays an even more critical role. This method serves to prevent damage, like cracks and potholes, which can lead to costly repairs. The frequency of sealcoating application is determined by evaluating the state of your pavement. Determine the best sealcoating regimen for your asphalt surfaces by arranging a free inspection and estimate session with Oregon Paving Co.!

We also offer:

Tack Coating

Crack Filling

Cold Planing

Driveway Sealing

Top Coat

Liquid Sealer

Drainage Work

Landscaping Equipment



Hauling Loam

Base Coat

Saw Cutting

Infrared Patching


Landscaping Materials (Crushed Stone, Mulch, Stone, Sand, Gravel, Etc.)


Catch Basin Repair

Retaining Walls


Latex Water-Based Sealer

Asphalt Curbs

Sewer Covers


And More!

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