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Oregon Paving Co. has earned a reputation as one of the foremost paving companies in the Tualatin region. Our Tualatin asphalt company brings over 30 years of industry experience to the table, offering dependable paving services and a wealth of knowledge. We are a locally run and owned company, backed by full insurance, bonding, and licensing to give our customers unwavering confidence in our services. With their professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness, our crew fully grasps the pivotal role of parking lots and driveways. It’s the first thing your customers see, it’s directly tied to the curb appeal of your home, and worn-out paving can also pose safety hazards. We pay meticulous attention to the fine details that are frequently overlooked, resulting in a standout finished product. Whether you’re looking for milling, resurfacing, excavating, grading, drainage work, a new installation, a repair, or sealcoating, we’re the most qualified choice for the job. Reach out to us today, let us know about your needs for residential, commercial, or industrial paving, and let us show you exactly what sets us apart!

Your Trusted Paving Service in Tualatin

Oregon Paving Co. understands the critical nature of maintaining each paved surface on your property, but high-traffic areas need a special level of care. Properly installed and maintained asphalt can easily last for more than two decades! Our wide-ranging services are crafted to improve the lasting power and practicality of your pavement, whether it’s for parking facilities, residential neighborhoods, commercial sectors, industrial sites, or other settings. We cater to a diverse clientele, from car dealerships and shopping complexes to churches, eateries, homeowners associations, and beyond. It’s common for customers to inquire about our proficiency, asphalt’s durability, and measures they can take to safeguard their investments. Take a deep dive into our guide below for informative answers to these questions.

What is striping and why is it important?

Striping is a fundamental part of maintaining a parking lot. Striping is any painted marking that delineates an ADA-compliant handicap parking spot, a directional arrow, or a parking space. These indicators play a key role in ensuring a favorable first impression on customers at your Tualatin business while also focusing on accessibility and safety. Parking lots kept in good condition with clear, regulation-adhering striping demonstrate professionalism and customer care, showcase inclusivity with clearly marked accessible spaces, and enjoy a decreased risk of accidents. Entrusting your parking lot maintenance to our asphalt service in Tualatin guarantees safety, accessibility, and visual appeal while shielding you from potential legal problems.

What is sealcoating, what does it do, and how often should it be done?

The application of sealcoating plays a pivotal role in preserving and fortifying asphalt surfaces. It functions as a protective armor, safeguarding your asphalt against chemicals, moisture, and UV rays, thereby increasing its durability. The necessity of sealcoating is heightened in Oregon’s climate, known for its frequent freeze-thaw cycles. By utilizing this technique, you can steer clear of costly repairs that may arise as a result of potholes, cracks, and other damage. Many customers want to know the recommended re-coating frequency, but it’s situation-dependent, based on the condition of each surface. Determine the best sealcoating regimen for your asphalt surfaces by arranging a free inspection and estimate session with Oregon Paving Co.!

What asphalt paving services do you offer?

For any pavement surface troubles such as cracks, potholes, or drainage issues, reach out to our local asphalt company for help. These problems are not just superficial – they may lead to more severe issues if you don’t seek professional and swift resolution. Oregon Paving Co. offers specialized asphalt paving services that comprehensively tackle all pavement challenges. Our team excels in various areas, including fixing potholes and cracks, enhancing drainage systems, and installing new asphalt, all geared towards maintaining your property’s integrity and beauty. Our reliable and affordable services are designed to meet your specific needs, making us the right team for any paving project.


Our playground paving solutions offer a smooth and durable surface that’s perfect for children’s play areas. Our environmentally conscious materials don’t simply guarantee long-lasting results, but also minimize stormwater runoff with swift installation and minimal disturbance. With our asphalt paving solutions, we enhance property value and champion environmental sustainability simultaneously.

Schools and Universities

Our pavement service is designed to address the unique needs of educational institutions like schools and universities. Balancing aesthetics and durability is crucial, yet safety always takes precedence in these particular settings. Through our proficiency and attentive approach, our asphalt company delivers a campus environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained.

Bike Paths

When we pave a bike path, we make environmental sustainability, durability, and safety our main focuses. Our asphalt service crew is familiar with the distinctive requirements of a bike path, such as clear markings, adequate drainage, and a smooth surface. With our dedication to quality and our years of experience, we guarantee that cyclists will enjoy a safe, smooth ride for many memorable years.

Airport Runways

There’s no room for error in airport runway paving, because it requires absolute precision and unwavering durability. Our team is well-versed in the stringent specifications and safety protocols essential for these projects. Utilizing cutting-edge equipment, your skilled paving contractor crafts a flawlessly marked, anti-skid, and seamless surface engineered to hold up against heavy airplane traffic. Select us for trustworthy and premium-grade airport runway paving solutions that comply with aviation standards.

Industrial Projects

Backed by 30+ years of experience in the paving industry, we guarantee your industrial pavement will be entrusted to the capable team. Focused on customer satisfaction, our paving service encompasses large installs and emergency repairs to ensure that all needs are precisely met. Our team excels in providing long-lasting results that can handle heavy usage, from warehouse lots to busy roadways. Oregon Paving Co. is the dependable partner for any industrial paving project.


Professionally paved asphalt driveways are the perfect way to affordably elevate curb appeal, increase property value, and completely transform the overall look of your home. Our complete driveway paving service menu includes sealcoating, resurfacing, and efficient drainage options. If you’re looking to sell your home or think you may do so in the future, your properly maintained driveway will also help that process along.

Parking Lots

Trust our Tualatin paving company as your first and finest option for parking lot paving services. We prioritize customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and maintaining high-quality standards in every endeavor. With our unmatched accuracy, cutting-edge techniques, premium materials, and expert team, we deliver a parking lot that is not just visually appealing and durable, but also leaves a lasting impression on customers and surpasses all of your expectations.

Roads and Highways

The success and durability of your road project depend heavily on selecting the right asphalt contractor. Our paving company’s dedication to safety and durability is evidenced by our careful attention to detail, outstanding craftsmanship, and use of premium materials. Backed by a track record of success in road paving, we’re the most dependable option when you want a lasting and exceptional outcome.

We also offer:

Hauling Loam

Infrared Patching


Tack Coating


Latex Water-Based Sealer

Asphalt Curbs

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Drainage Work

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Base Coat



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Landscaping Equipment

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