Industrial Paving Experts in Oregon and Southern Washington

Some projects are larger than others, and some paving needs to be built to withstand a considerable amount of daily pressure. Think ofroadways and parking areas around housing developments, retail spaces, large office buildings, restaurants, and locations where heavy construction equipment is used daily.

When it comes to a lot of weight and many moving pieces (literally), Oregon Paving Co. is ready to help you solve any of your industrial paving issues.

Choosing Asphalt for Industrial Projects

There's a reason why asphalt is the preferred choice for roadways, parking lots, and even driveways: it lasts and lasts. Beyond that, it offers:

  • Quick installation and repair: Minimizes traffic disruptions and saves costs.
  • Noise reduction: Creates quieter roadways.
  • Sustainability: Asphalt is reusable and recyclable.

Just like with our commercial services, we will provide all the necessary striping, painting, and curbing to ensure safety and clear traffic guidance. Properly demarcated parking spaces, crosswalks, road divisions, bike lanes, and more are essential to well-functioning transportation infrastructure.

Oregon Paving Co. Wants to Help You

With over three decades of experience in the paving industry, you can trust your project is in the right hands. Our dedicated team provides a full range of paving options, including emergency service and repair.

We've tackled complex industrial projects ranging from expansive warehouse lots to high-traffic roadways. Our expertise ensures a smooth process and durable results that stand up to your toughest demands.

Call us at (503) 705-1274 today to talk about your next paving project.