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The pavement outside your home or business says a lot about you. A worn-down driveway, parking lot or walkway won’t just look bad to visitors – they can be dangerous for those that drive or walk on them as well. Oregon Paving Co. is here to fulfill all your paving needs, from seal coating to drainage evaluation.

Years of Expert Service You Can Rely On

The Oregon Paving Co. is a family owned and operated enterprise. We continue to serve homeowners, business owners and others, helping them prepare land for construction and paving with our grading and excavating services, as well as providing repair and maintenance services after asphalt paving has been installed.

Seal coating, resurfacing, patching, milling and drainage work are essential to keeping your pavement in top condition for years to come, especially if it sees near-constant travel and traffic. That’s why we also specialize in industrial paving work. After all, the needs of every project and customer will be different, so we want to make sure we cover all areas of paving.

A Company That Understands Your Needs

As a multigenerational business, we know the importance of treating everyone like family, and everyone at Oregon Paving Co. wants to make sure you’re taken care of, which is why we offer so many services at excellent prices. And if you’re ever in a bind, don’t hesitate to seek out our emergency repair services! Call us to learn how we can help with your paving and more.
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